Fishing and Angling in Tirthan Valley

03 Nights / 04 Days
Delhi – Kullu – Tirthan Valley – Goshiani or Trek To Sereolesar Lake.

03 Nights / 04 Days
Delhi – Kullu – Tirthan Valley – Goshiani or Trek To Sereolesar Lake.

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Fishing and Angling in Tirthan Valley – Tirthan Valley, located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, is a beautiful destination known for its scenic landscapes and diverse flora and fauna. The Tirthan River, which flows through the valley, provides excellent opportunities for fishing and angling enthusiasts. Here are some key points regarding fishing and angling in Tirthan Valley:

1. Tirthan River:
The Tirthan River is well-known for its clear and pristine waters, making it an ideal habitat for various species of trout, including Brown and Rainbow trout.
Fishing in the Tirthan River is regulated, and anglers are required to obtain permits from the Himachal Pradesh Fisheries Department.
2. Fishing Season:
The fishing season in Tirthan Valley typically opens in March and continues until October. This period is when the weather is favorable, and the water levels are suitable for angling.
3. Permits and Regulations:
Anglers need to obtain permits for fishing in the Tirthan River. These permits are usually available at the local fisheries office or authorized outlets.
It’s crucial to follow the fishing regulations and guidelines set by the Himachal Pradesh Fisheries Department to ensure sustainable and responsible angling.
4. Types of Trout:
Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout are the primary species found in the Tirthan River. These species attract anglers from various parts of the country due to their sporting characteristics.
5. Fishing Spots:
Popular fishing spots in Tirthan Valley include Gushaini, Sairopa, and the stretch of the Tirthan River near the Great Himalayan National Park.
6. Equipment:
Anglers should bring their own fishing equipment, including fly fishing rods, reels, lines, and appropriate flies for trout fishing. Local guides can provide assistance and advice on suitable gear.
7. Guided Fishing Tours:
To enhance the angling experience, many local operators offer guided fishing tours. These tours often include experienced guides who are familiar with the best fishing spots and techniques.
8. Conservation Awareness:
Responsible fishing practices are essential to preserve the ecosystem. Anglers are encouraged to practice catch-and-release to maintain the trout population and contribute to the conservation of the aquatic environment.

Fishing and Angling in Tirthan Valley Tour Itinerary

Fishing and Angling in Tirthan Valley (03 Nights / 04 Days)

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