Relaxing Tirthan Valley Tour Package from Chandigarh

03 Nights / 04 Days
Tirthan Valley, Jalori Pass, Seolsar Lake, The Great Himalayan National Park

03 Nights / 04 Days
Tirthan Valley, Jalori Pass, Seolsar Lake, The Great Himalayan National Park

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Tirthan Valley Tour Package from Chandigarh – The Tirthan Valley is a serene and picturesque destination nestled in the Himachal Pradesh region of India. It’s known for its pristine landscapes, crystal-clear rivers, and lush greenery, making it an ideal place for a relaxing getaway. Here’s a suggested itinerary for a relaxing Tirthan Valley tour:

Arrival in Tirthan Valley
– Arrive at your chosen entry point (e.g., Kullu-Manali Airport or Aut Tunnel) and proceed to Tirthan Valley.
– Check into a cozy homestay or riverside cottage for a more authentic experience.
– Spend the evening exploring the local surroundings and enjoying the tranquility.

Trout Fishing and Riverside Relaxation
– Start the day with a peaceful morning walk along the riverside.
– Experience trout fishing, a popular activity in Tirthan Valley. You can either try it yourself or watch the experts at work.
– Afternoon picnic by the riverbanks or in a scenic meadow.
– Evening bonfire and stargazing.

Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP)
– Explore the Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
– Choose a suitable trail based on your preference and fitness level. The park offers various trekking options, from easy walks to more challenging hikes.
– Enjoy a packed lunch amidst nature.
– Return to your accommodation for a well-deserved rest.

Serloskar Lake Excursion
– Take a day trip to Serloskar Lake, a hidden gem surrounded by mountains and lush forests.
– Enjoy a quiet day by the lake, maybe with a picnic or just relaxing by the water.
– Return to Tirthan Valley in the evening and unwind.

Jalori Pass and Jibhi Village
– Visit Jalori Pass for breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.
– Explore Jibhi Village, known for its charming traditional architecture.
– Relax in the serene atmosphere and interact with the locals.

Leisure Day
– Spend the day at your own pace—read a book, take a leisurely walk, or simply enjoy the beauty of Tirthan Valley.
– Consider a spa day if your accommodation offers such facilities.

Relaxing Tirthan Valley Tour Itinerary

Relaxing Tirthan Valley Tour Package from Chandigarh (03 Nights / 04 Days)

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Tirthan Valley Tour Packages

Tirthan Valley Tour Packages