Kasol Tirthan Valley Tour Package from Manali

04 Nights / 05 Days
Places visited : Delhi – Kasol – Banjar – Trithan Valley – Delhi

04 Nights / 05 Days
Places visited : Delhi – Kasol – Banjar – Trithan Valley – Delhi

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Kasol Tirthan Valley Tour Package from Manali – Kasol and Tirthan Valley are two picturesque destinations in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, known for their natural beauty, serene landscapes, and vibrant culture. A tour that combines both Kasol and Tirthan Valley can offer a diverse and enriching experience. Here’s a suggested itinerary for a Kasol Tirthan Valley tour:

Arrival in Kasol: Reach Kasol from your place of origin. The nearest major airport is Bhuntar Airport, and you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Kasol.
Explore Kasol: Spend your first day exploring Kasol, known for its scenic beauty, Parvati River, and vibrant Israeli cafes. Visit places like Chalal, Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, and take a stroll along the Parvati River.

Tosh and Kheerganga Trek
Tosh Village: Head to Tosh, a nearby village known for its stunning views of the Parvati Valley. You can trek to Tosh and explore the village’s unique culture and architecture.
Kheerganga Trek: Embark on a trek to Kheerganga, a beautiful meadow with hot water springs. The trek takes around 5-6 hours, and the panoramic views make it a memorable experience. You can camp overnight at Kheerganga.

Tirthan Valley
Travel to Tirthan Valley: Drive or take a bus to Tirthan Valley. The journey is scenic, passing through lush green landscapes.
Great Himalayan National Park: Explore the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy nature walks, bird watching, and the tranquility of the park.
Fishing at Tirthan River: Tirthan River is known for trout fishing. If you enjoy angling, consider trying your hand at fishing in the clear waters of the river.

Relax and Departure: Spend your morning relaxing in the serene surroundings of Tirthan Valley. Depart for your next destination or return to your place of origin.

Weather: Check the weather conditions before your trip, as it can vary, especially in higher altitudes.
Accommodation: Book accommodations in advance, especially during peak seasons.
Trekking Gear: If you plan to trek to Kheerganga, ensure you have appropriate trekking gear and clothing.
Permits: Check if any permits are required for trekking in the Great Himalayan National Park.
Local Cuisine: Don’t miss trying the local Himachali and Israeli cuisines in both Kasol and Tirthan Valley.
This itinerary is flexible, and you can adjust the duration of your stay in each location based on your preferences and the time available. Enjoy your Kasol-Tirthan Valley tour!

Kasol Tirthan Valley Tour Itinerary

Kasol Tirthan Valley Tour Package from Manali (04 Nights / 05 Days)

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