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About Kalpa ! Get to Know Kalpa Valley : A Hidden Paradise On Earth

Breathtaking heaven on earth, nature's paradise: Kalpa untouched beauty in the lap of Himachal Pradesh

Nestled in a valley along the Sutlej river, Kalpa is a picturesque town in Himachal Pradesh. Part of the Kinnaur district, this Himalayan town is noteworthy for its apple orchards. The beauty of Kinnaur is praise worthy for its blend of Buddhist and Hindu culture, holy sites, gardens and blossoming valley in summer. The mountain range, wrapped in a white sheet of snow, appeared no less than a fairy tale land. As the sun rose from behind the range, kissing its peaks, its rays cast a magical spell on the small village of Kalpa, located in the lap of nature, surrounded by hills. Kalpa is not as famous and popular as Shimla or Manali, but in recent years it has seen a steep rise in tourist influx. Kalpa is an ideal tourist destination if you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind in close proximity of nature and being surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Himalayan ranges. Absence of commercialization and urbanization has kept the natural beauty of Kalpa intact, making it all the more attractive.

Kalpa Fast Facts
Best Time to Visit Kalpa : April to November
Known For : Hill Station and Trekking Base
Location of Kalpa : Himachal Pradesh
Distance from Major Cities :
• About 270 km from Shimla
• The Buddhist town of Kaza is 400 km drive from Kalpa.

How to Reach Kalpa

Reaching Kalpa is a hard and strained journey. In the winter months one can not reach Kalpa as the place receive heavy snowfall and the roads virtually remain covered with snow.

By road : The route opted by tourists is mainly via National Highway 22 and Hindustan-Tibet Road. There is also direct bus service available from Rampur. From Manali, you need to travel via the Rohtang Pass.

If you are coming from Shimla then take bus of taxi till Rekong Peo which is at a distance of 14 km from Kalpa. Direct buses from Delhi to Rekong Peo are also available. But if you are coming from Delhi then it is better to take a halt at Shimla otherwise your journey will be too hectic. Route from Delhi is Delhi-Chandigarh-Shimla-Narkanda-Rampur-Karcham-Powari-Rekong Peo-Kalpa

By Rail : The nearest railway station is at Shimla around 270 km away and from Shimla take taxi or Bus to reach Kalpa.
By Airport : The nearest airport is at Shimla, Jubbar Bhatti airport at a distance of around 270 km. From there you have to travel by road to reach Kalpa and by road journey will take about 10 hrs.

About Kalpa - Travelers Paradise in Himachal

Kalpa features exotic beauty especially from the height of 2,960 meters above sea level. This district is a drive of around 265 km from the capital of Shimla. What makes Kalpa a memorable experience is the view of the snow covered Kinner Kailash range. This peak in Kinnaur is famous as the abode of Lord Shiva. The trek up to the peak is a delightful experience. Shivling peaks have an elevation of up to 6,000 meters above sea level. Kalpa is located just above Reckong Peo that is a hub of Buddhist culture and home to several monasteries. While, Kalpa is home to Hindu shrines.

The surrounding peaks, pine and deodar forests and Sutlej River enhance the beauty of the town. Agriculture is the main industry while tourism is fast taking over. There are at least 5-6 places of accommodation around the town. Hotels are located in Reckong Peo, where people stop over to get the Inner Line Permit. Kalpa forms an important base to trekkers traveling to Reckong Peo and then to Spiti Valley. As few people visit throughout the year, Kalpa remains unexplored. The view from the cliffs of this town is spectacular, especially in winter when Kinner Kailash remains snow covered. You can as well explore the deep gorged valleys having the meandering Sutlej.

Location of Kalpa

The nearest airport and railway station is at Shimla around 270 km away. The route opted by tourists is mainly via National Highway 22 and Hindustan-Tibet Road. There is also direct bus service available from Rampur. From Manali, you need to travel via the Rohtang Pass. The Buddhist town of Kaza is 400 km drive from Kalpa.

Places to visit in Kalpa - Sightseeing in and around Kalpa

Recong Peo : At a distance of about 13 Km from Kalpa lies this Himalayan town at an altitude of about 2670 m above sea level. It is the districts headquarter of Kinnaur district with a large Tibetan monastery. Tourists visiting Kalpa must visit this monastery not only to have a glimpse of the life of Buddhist monks but also to find out the rare fusion of Buddhist culture with Hinduism. Mighty and mesmerizing views of the snow-capped Kinnaur-Kailash ranges are added attraction of the place.
Kinner Kailash : Popular as the parbat of Lord Shiva, this is among the top attractions in the Kinnaur district. It has a height of 6500 meters above sea level and the town of Kalpa is located at its foothills.
Kothi : Kothi is a village that is 3 km away from Reckong Peo and close to Kothi. An ancient shrine here is dedicated to Goddess Chandika, a manifestation of Goddess Kali. The architecture of the temple and the gold image of the deity are praiseworthy.
Natural Mummy : One must pay a visit to this naturally formed mummy of a Buddhist monk in sitting posture. The mummy is believed to be more than 500 years old.

Excursion from Kalpa

There are few places of interest around Kalpa: Reckong Peo - Reckong Peo is around 13 km from the town of Kalpa. It is the district headquarters. The Bhaba Valley, Rupi Bhaba Sanctuary and Lipa Asrang Sanctuary are some of the attractions in the region.

Nako : Nako is an important place of Buddhist influence and culture. This village is well known for its ancient Nako Monastery and the placid Nako Lake. Nako is 117 km drive from Kalpa.

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