Explore Most Beautiful Valleys in World-Mandi-Karsog Valley Banjar Valley

10 Nights / 11 Days
Delhi/Chandigarh – Kiratpur – Swarghat – Mandi – Janjheli – Chindi – Shoja – Banjar – Kullu – Manali

10 Nights / 11 Days
Delhi/Chandigarh – Kiratpur – Swarghat – Mandi – Janjheli – Chindi – Shoja – Banjar – Kullu – Manali

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We cover two lakes in the package – Prashar lake located at high altitute of 2790 meters and Rewalsar lake at 1300 meters, Both these lakes are world famous and worth Visit. In addition we do full site seeing tour of famous Mandi Town also known as Kashi of Himachal as well as Old Trading Hub of Himachal. We also cover best eating points of Mandi to let you enjoy the real taste of Mandi Food.

Under this package, we visit Seraj valley and the Karsog valley, the uncharted off beaten interiors of Himachal Pradesh in Mandi. Visit ancient temples like Shikari Devi (dedicated to Kali Goddess), roofless temple at 3300mts, offering unparalleled views of the Dhauladhars and the Pir Panjal ranges.

Also visit Explore Hidden gems like Janjehli, Chindi are within the Sanctuary’s periphery. Visit the Jalori Pass enroute to Kullu, followed by Shoja and Banjar, Visit Ani. Further up is Jalori pass (29kms), enjoy the magnificent views at Jalori admiring the views and vist Shoja with stay at Forest Rest House.

After Mandi, we proceed to Kullu, the Land of Gods and Spend One Night in Kullu followed by site seeing in Kullu City. We also cover best eating points of Kullu town to enjoy best cuisines of Kullu. Final Destination is Manali, where we stay for 2 nights and have great site seeing tours as well as try foods at the best restaurants of Manali.

About Prashar Lake – Mandi Himachal
Prashar lake is undoubtly designated as the Most Beautiful Mountain Top lake in the world. It is the situated in Mandi district at an altitude of 2730 metres about 40 k.m. from Mandi town Himachal Pradesh. Prashar lake is of great scenic beauty with deep blue waters, and is named after the indian sage Prashar (rishi).

Located on a mountain spur, an hour’s drive from Mandi brings you to this jewel like lake. With fresh water, woodland and high hills, it presents a variety of natural beauty and the spot is sacred for Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. It was here that the great Indian teacher and tantric, Padmasabhava left for Tibet. Known to the Tibetans as Guru Rimpoche – the Precious Master. It was under Padmasambahava’s influence that Mahayana Buddhism spread over Tibet. There are islands of floating reed on Rewalsar Lake and the spirit of Padmasabhava is said to reside in them. It is here that the sage Lomas did penance in devotion to Lord Shiva, and the Sikh Guru Gobind Singh also resided here for one month. At opposite ends of the lake there are two Tibetans monasteries. The Bhutanese also have one.
There is also a famous Gurudwara, This Gurudwara was built in 1930 by Raja Joginder Sen of Mandi. It commemorates Guru Gobind Singh’s visit, when he sought to evolve a common strategy with the hill rulers against the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. At Rewalsar there are three Hindu temples. These are dedicated to the sage Lomas, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva.The forest department maintains a small zoo at Rewalsar. Above Rewalsar, Seven Lakes are also of interest.

About Mandi Himachal – Gateway to Kullu – Off the Beat Destination – But Exceptional Beauty
Mandi located enrooted to Kullu Manali is easily rated as most beautiful destination and is situated along the banks of river Beas. Though many tourists do not visit it just because they are ignorant about this majestic destination, once tourists come here, they like to visit Mandi again and again. Mandi has a charm as well as magnet for tourists as well as honeymooners.
Mandi is renowned for its 81 temples and their enormous range of fine carving. Mandi is known as the ‘Kashi of the Hills’. The town also has remains of old palaces and notable examples of colonial architecture. Mandi is the gateway to the Kullu valley and acts as a base for several exciting excursions.

About Janjheli – A virgin Paradise – Original Capital of Himachal
Janjehli is a true paradise. Legend is that, British were so enchanted with Janjheli that they had initially chosen Janjehli to be the summer capital of India, but because of its long distance from major cities, Shimla was chosen instead. It proved a boon for Janjehli, It is a unspoilt virgin place even today.

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