Kasol Weekend Camping and Backpacking Trip

01 Nights / 02 Days
Backpacking trip to Kasol, Manikaran, Tosh and Malana – Shoestring budget.

01 Nights / 02 Days
Backpacking trip to Kasol, Manikaran, Tosh and Malana – Shoestring budget.

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Kasol Manikaran Tosh Malana – The Backpacker way.

Kasol is a heaven for backpackers with its pristine, unadeulterated natural Himalayan beauty. You can visit Malana, Tosh or Chalal from Kasol. The Kasol market is a place worth exploring. Kasol also is the base for Kheerganga trek, Bijli Mahadev trek or Malana trek.

Kasol is situated at a distance of 536 kms from Delhi and placed right alongside the magnificent Parvati River. While it is in the midst of mountains and river, there is still a decent human settlement present here. This is because, Kasol has now become a famous hub for backpackers as it is the base camp for SAR Pass trek and Kheerganga. Besides this, there is also a huge influx of Israelis which has resulted in Kasol to also be known as Mini Israel! The upside to it is that there are a lot of cafes’ and pubs offering Israeli cuisine which is a welcome change for your taste buds. These café’s and lounges offer a unique blend of kaleidoscopic interiors and trance music which is bound to take you to another level!. This is a luxury and beautiful campsite near Parvati river. We invite you to come and stay at this beautiful camp.

What you can do at Kasol :
– Visit Kasol market and explore the culture for which Kasol is so famous. Visit to Manikaran sahib, the beautiful Gurudwara. Take a bath there at the hot spring. It is advisable to take a dip in hot spring of Manikaran. This will be an unforgettable experience for you. Complete your lunch in Manikaran Gurdwaara langar Taste Israeli food at famous food joints at kasol market.

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